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favorite links:

Strong Bad emails -- (see long pants and crying)
Lovely excerpt on jet lag from William Gibson's Pattern Recognition
Flickr -- photo sharing site (my username "amyvdh")
Lovetron 5000 -- relationship advice
The Weekly--Hurrah Bah, etiquette

Myers Briggs/tests:

Myers Briggs info
test -- I'm an INTJ (Introverted 89% Intuitive 67% Thinking 67% Judging 1%) though sometimes I test INTP
color quiz -- answer too long to put here but ask me and I'll show you
click on the shape test (the shape I pick)

Political Compass test (my results: Economic Left/Right: -5.75/ Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.54 ie: I'm in the square w/ Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama)
What religion do you fit in with? (my results:Humanist)


Get Your War On! cartoons
Cost of the Iraq War and one way the money could have been spent
Textbook disclaimer stickers -- other explorations around the evolution stickers
George Lakoff -- on how conservatives and liberals think differently and conservative catchphrases and the 'War on Terror"
Political Fact
The Memory Hole -- rescuing knowledge, freeing information
Thich Nhat Hanh on the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, the buddhist perspective
Project Censored -- Censored News Stories
Secrecy and Security News
-- Project on Government Secrecy, Federation of American Scientists

Center for Democracy and Technology

news map
-- like the map of the market above, but with news stories


Post Secret -- confessional post cards
Animals on the Underground -- very cute
Big Little Books -- comics at There's so much weird, fun stuff there. Also see: compupromo (for the geeks!)
similar theme: The UNH! project -- guttural moans from comics
exploding dog -- really great drawings
Dean's foafcorp (fat cats) - in SVG
Max's textorizer - so freakin' cool
Toogle -- Like Max's textorizer but w/ a web search
Powers of 10 (universe to quarks)
The Exorcist in 30 seconds with Bunnies (flash)
Titanic in 30 seconds w/ Bunnies
and The Shining in 30 seconds w/ Bunnies
Beatles Come Together flash animation -- fantastic!
Xu Bing
(an amazing artist I worked with once -- see the silkworms section, we fed them mulberry leaves)
Blind Spot fantastic photo magazine

Abelardo Morell photographer
Air Toons cartoons based on airline instructions
Images index -- fascinating and lovely
Found magazine -- found letters, pictures, etc.
Langlands & Bell -- see Air Routes of the World
Stop Motion Studies Tokyo -- images taken on subway trains
NASA's visible earth

Industrial art gallery-- gorgeous drawings, images
time tales -- more found photographs

articles, etc:

Derren Brown: Mind-reading? No, just head games - neurolinguistic programming, (my favorite line: "It is now clear why the actor, director and keen amateur magician Stephen Fry, snookered by a fiendish card trick, said, "I just want to burn him at the stake and watch his witch's heart bubble.") also see video clips
Alteration of the platelet serotonin in romantic love
-- romantic love and OCD - "subjects who were in the early romantic phase of a love relationship were not different from OCD patients"
Tricks of the trade -- secrets from different occupations
Neil Stephenson interview on Slashdot
Tyranny of the Extroverts

Caring for Your Introvert

Travel Tips For Americans intending to visit Sydney for the Year 2000 Olympics
Special report: India vs. New Zealand (very funny cricket coverage) from the Guardian
Harry Potter from The Onion (cited by at least one Christian group as a real news article)
What you can't say and Why Nerds are Unpopular -- articles by Paul Grahamn
John Stewart's Commencement Address, William and Mary College


How to Survive a Zombie attack -- you may want to print this out for quick reference just in case
-- for the rest of us, 23 December
-- everything

-- statistical language identifier


wayback machine
Straight Dope
Visual thesaurus -- beautifully designed
Seat Guru -- the best seats on different airlines
How Stuff Works
Science Hobbyist
Logical Fallacies-- just how is that argument wrong? find out here

Misc. links (some old favorites, etc):

"Love and Rocket" - Futurama episode script where Bender and Ship have an affair (favorite line: Ship: " You're just jealous! No one loves you because you're tiny and made of meat!")
The Hulk's Diary which is on the internet
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About -- I just love that this site exists, one of my favorites
Frink Rules
! (see tomfoolery)
(slightly depressed) 404
-- see the Pre-date confidence builder and How to dance properly
dollarshort remove (perhaps not coincidentally, shown to me after I sent a particularly mushy email - I maybe shouldn't be friends w/ them anymore)
Ren and Stimpy Log song
Vertigo then and now
Map of the Market -- stock market data in visual form
CatPrin -- poor cats all dressed up
Objectionable content
-- another blog I like
Speech Accent Archive

Photo memes projects -- some interesting stuff, see Exactitudes
CNNNN-- Australian fake news site
The dullest blog in the world
-- always something good
Dark Passage-- Urban archeology
A Softer World-- photos with captions - like a cartoon strip only, you know, photos
The Science of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-- don't read this if you haven't seen the movie, but definitely see the movie
Hints to Balance your type-- how to deal with the other Myers Briggs types (freaks!)
Propeller Island hotel -- unique and beautiful hotel rooms
The Final Irony
-- an explanation of irony from the Guardian
Travelang's Word of the Day --
Thank you very much
Nation Master-- more stats than you need
Essentials of Buddhism
Useful French phrases
Which Harry Potter Character Are You Like?-- According to this I'm like Prof. McGonagal. Damn, more cat stuff
worst album covers ever -- I can't stop looking at these though I've decided Millie Jackson is the scariest woman ever.
A Child's Machiavelli
BBC --A Cheat's Guide to Ulysses